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You’re tired of your weight impacting the quality of your life. You’re self-conscious about the way you look and frustrated at how your weight affects your health, work and relationships.

     - You feel stuck. 

     - You're overwhelmed.

     - You want to give up

Don’t! We can help you

We blend practical solutions with integrated holistic approaches to help you overcome the challenges preventing you from losing weight. Our programs offer you strategies that are sustainable and fit into your lifestyle.


Donna Carmichael Duke Integrative Health Coach transformational

You’re at a cross road and you're feeling powerless—like your life is no longer your own. Maybe things are changing and you feel anxious, uncertain and a bit depressed. You’re stumbling in the dark and can’t find your way to Joy?

Let Us Help

We will help you find the light within you so you have more joy, confidence and balance. Using evidence based research in positive psychology, health coaching and mindfulness; we help you find solutions that will get you more freedom and fulfillment. We offer these programs in both private and corporate settings with a mission and focus to see individuals start living and thriving!


Donna Carmichael Duke Integrative Health Coach transformational

You can't remember the last time that you’ve been listened to or heard. You’ve been taking care of others for so long, you’ve lost sight of who you are and what you want. Or, maybe you do know what you want. There is something calling you — but pursuing it feels overwhelming. You are bogged down with too many work/life family obligations and making time for yourself seems impossible.


One on One coaching puts you center stage —YOU are the priority. Your needs, your challenges and your dreams will finally be heard and actions steps will be created to meet them. We will help you face your fears but not run from them. Coaching is a partnership with you to discover your power, courage and resilience, so you can go after what you want and achieve it.


Donna Carmichael Duke Integrative Health Coach

We have a physical and an energy body and as we balance the energy body and clear congestion, the physical body begins to heal itself. Similar to acupuncture, energy healing is the perfect marriage between conventional and alternative medicine that helps you tap into the wisdom of your body and your capacity to heal yourself.

About Donna

Donna Carmichael has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. She received her post graduate Health Coach Certification from Duke University Integrative Medicine, a national leader in Integrative health. She earned her undergraduate degree at Binghamton University where she studied sociology and psychology. As a behavioral change expert, she uses evidence based research in positive psychology, mindfulness and coaching to assist her clients in discovering where they are stuck and champion them to take action to achieve their goals. She helps them reduce stress, find balance and make their health and well-being their primary focus. She offers corporate wellness programs, weekend retreats/seminars, along with group coaching and private coaching opportunities.

Donna is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and a mindfulness based stress reduction practitioner. She also uses energy medicine including Reiki and Pranic healing to help her clients achieve high levels of wellness with an emphasis on balance and inner peace.

She is a member of the Institute of Coaching, a McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School Affiliate. She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Health Coach and Mentor at Duke University, Integrative Medicine.

“Donna began to coach me and through her knowledge and guidance gave me the space to ask myself the tough questions. Donnas coaching has allowed me to be nurturing, caring, loving and show up for myself! She has been such an inspiration to me and has really shown me what I am capable of with just a little bit of guidance.”

“Donna leads by example and I find her dedication and passion both inspiring and motivating.”

“ She [Donna] takes all aspects of your life into consideration when making suggestions. She is a skilled coach who is able to quickly and effectively help her clients address even long standing problems and issues that are getting in the way of their health and wellness. “

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