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“Courage is the most important of all virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” ~ Maya Angelou

Donna Carmichael has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. She received her post graduate Health Coach Certification from Duke University Integrative Medicine, a national leader in Integrative health. She earned her undergraduate degree at Binghamton University where she studied sociology and psychology. As a behavioral change expert, she assists her clients to discover where they are stuck and champion them to take action to achieve their goals. She helps them reduce stress, find balance and make their health and well-being their primary focus. She offers corporate wellness programs, weekend retreats/seminars, along with group coaching and private coaching opportunities.

Donna is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and a mindfulness based stress reduction practitioner. She also uses energy medicine including Reiki and Pranic healing to help her clients achieve high levels of wellness with an emphasis on balance and inner peace.

She is a member of the Institute of Coaching, a McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School Affiliate. She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Health Coach and Mentor at Duke University, Integrative Medicine.

Clients come to her for help with:

  • Weight loss struggles.
  • Uncontrolled stress and low energy.
  • Poor physical fitness.
  • Personal and professional development.
  • Life/work balance.
  • Relationship challenges.

Donna offers strategies and tools pulled from evidence based research in positive psychology, coaching and mindfulness. She partners with you to overcome your self-inflicted limited believes and tap into your inner-wisdom, so you can accomplish your goals. Her coaching style encourages self-empathy, self-motivation, mindfulness and resilience. You will be motivated to take action and follow through on your commitments knowing that she will keep you accountable for your own success.

Her clients have:

  • Lost weight; not by grit or force, but by discovering new ways to nourish their bodies and fit movement exercise and rest into their daily life. As a result of the lifestyle changes their doctors were able to lower their dosage or discontinue some of the medications they were prescribed.
  • Become more self-reliant and regained trust in their ability to make decisions. Some have completed their dissertation, changed careers and ended relationships, achieved work/life balance after being empowered to make and follow through on their plan of action.
  • Learned to communicate their needs more effectively and ask for what they want. As a result, they have built stronger relationships which led to more satisfaction at both work and home.
  • Found the “bright spot” in their experience and moved beyond their “story” to find solutions based upon their strengths. Through this process they reported feeling more optimistic about their future and used that momentum as a catalyst for action.
  • Reduced chronic stress through exploring alternative methods of self-care including yoga, meditation and energy healing. Clients suffering from chronic pain and difficulty sleeping saw a reduction in pain and began sleeping through the night.
  • Reported feeling more peace, gratitude and joy after working with Donna.

Donna takes you on a journey of visioning, inquiry, personal discovery and accountability. As a result you will experience radical transformation and long term behavior change that continues long after the coaching relationship ends.

Her credentials are:

  • Certified Integrative Health Coach — Duke University Integrative Medicine.
  • Jon Kabt-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certificate — Duke University Integrative Medicine.
  • Certified Personal Trainer —American Council of Exercise
  • Exercise and Lifestyle Weight Management Certificate — American Council of Exercise.
  • Healing Certificate — Academy of Holistic Fitness
  • Yoga for Personal Training Certificate — Academy of Holistic Fitness.
  • Pranic healing — Level I, II and Psychotherapy.
  • Reiki Master Certification pending.

Donna is the owner of the Art of Joy Consultants. Her passion is to see your vision come alive, so you can find fulfillment, peace and freedom to live your best life. She is a motivational speaker, coach, writer and humanitarian. She believes in your unwavering right to live a life that is healthy, happy and whole. Contact her and allow her to partner with you to create a life that is your very own masterpiece.

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