Who Is Donna Carmichael?

"Each person should frame life so that at some future hour, fact and their dreaming meet" ~ Victor Hugo


I have developed a soulful and unique wellness program that will help you discover that your life is your ART and JOY is your inheritance! You have the ability to create a life that is your very own Masterpiece!  

I have years of experience in the health and wellness industry.  I am passionate about helping others see the possibility of living a life that has meaning, love, balance and joy. 

I had the privilege to train at Duke University Integrative Medicine, a national if not international leader in integrative health.  As a certified integrative health coach, I have the knowledge and experience to identify what lifestyle and behavior modifications are appropriate to help you make changes in those areas of your life that are out of balance and no longer supporting you in your quest to achieve optimal health.

Through my undergraduate and graduate work I have developed an expertise in recognizing the different stages of behavioral change. My years of experience as a certified personal trainer and my knowledge of integrative nutrition round out the arsenal of weapons I use to empower my clients to make lasting change.

Through visioning, inquiry, personal discovery and accountability, I work with my clients to understand their heart’s desires and how to achieve the fullest expression of their best life.  Through the coaching process, my clients take steps to create the life that they were meant to live and take action to claim the joy, love and wholeness that they deserve.

My journey towards patching the holes in my life and becoming whole!

I remember the day I woke up and realized that I was living a life that had no passion, no truth, no balance and very little joy.  I had been sleepwalking in my own life and then one day I was startled awake!   I was shocked at what I found – I was living a small life, one that was built on fear and limited beliefs.  I was in a career that provided me with a good income but a poor life.  I married my college sweetheart believing that love conquered all not realizing that love was not emotions but actions. 

Once awakened; I could not fall back asleep.   I Knew I had to be brave, I realized that I had to trust the divine calling upon my life and I knew that if I was going to live my best life, I had to have the courage to face my fears.  So, I began to make decisions that lead to my radical transformation.  

For as long as I can remember, people always came to me for support, guidance and encouragement.  When I found myself in that difficult season of my life I knew I had to rescue myself.  I needed to uncover why I could help so many others keep the ball up in the air in their lives but manage to drop the ball in my own life.

I went on a journey of self-exploration to rediscover that part of me that was strong and confident.   The person that believed that living with honor, integrity compassion and love was the key to a successful life.  As I re-acquainted myself with who I was created to be; I began to trust myself again and I put in the time and work I needed to pick up the pieces of my life and put it back together again.

I released myself from those bonds that no longer served my highest calling.  I did the work, sought support and today I can say that I have filled the holes in my life and I am whole!

The Transformation begins when you stop wishing and start doing!

My transformation happened when I fully awakened to my fullest potential and let go of the excuses that kept me chained and imprisoned by old behaviors and thought patterns.

Today I am married to a wonderful man and I have three beautiful children.  I have created a business that represents my highest calling and purpose in life. 

I love empowering and partnering with my clients to establish a plan and strategy for their lives that leads them back to self-care, inner peace and balance

Balancing family and work obligations, while maintaining a spiritual practice and giving back to my community while still fostering dear friendships isn’t always easy. 

After taking care of everyone else’s needs I could easily lose sight of my own needs.  Learning the difference between being self-less and being self-full, has helped me to practice the self-care required to maintain joy in my life and spread that gift to others. 

Experiencing the Art of Joy!

Finding the Art of Joy gave me the power and freedom to not only survive but to thrive!

It’s through my willingness to do the work that I was able to overcome those dark days.  Today, I am filled with such gratitude for the opportunity to help others find their own place of joy. 

My journey certainly did not travel in a straight path.  After graduating from Binghamton University I didn’t follow my passion or the trajectory that so many hours spent in psychology and sociology lectures should have taken me.  Instead, I opted for the world of Law, Insurance and the safety of a paycheck. 

Nevertheless, being in corporate America for so many years gave me the ability to understand and empathize with clients trying to find work/life balance while still maintaining their competitive edge.  I know the kind of stamina it takes to succeed in that world and how important it is to develop a sustainable practice of self-care so you don’t crash and burn while blazing up the corporate ladder. My experience in that world uniquely positions me to help those clients practice self-care as they seek to achieve their career goals.

In addition to being a Certified Integrative Health Coach through Duke University Integrative Medicine , I have also received my integrative Healing Certificate through the Academy of Holistic Fitness.

I have completed an Exercise Lifestyle and Weight management Certificate program through the American Council of Exercise where I also hold my Personal Training Certification.

I also completed the Jon Kabt-Zinn’s mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) program from Duke Integrative Medicine where I received a Certificate of Completion.  Introducing mindfulness to my clients has been a powerful and effective tool in helping them remain centered, grounded and resilient.

Additionally, having a daily mindfulness practice along with practicing the healing and restorative benefits of yoga have been a staple in my commitment to practicing self-care.  Receiving my Yoga for Personal Training Certificate has provided me with the knowledge and ability to share the healing power of yoga with my clients.

I am living the Art of Joy each day that I wake up and use my innate leadership, inspirational and motivational abilities to inspire my clients to find fulfillment, peace and freedom to live their life on purpose in this lifetime.

Through my speaking, writing, teaching, coaching and being - I hope to be a living, breathing example showing you that you can embrace all the roles given to you by society without ever losing sight of your soul’s unwavering right to be complete, whole and full of joy!

If you are ready to create your masterpiece- I’m here with the canvas and the paint!